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The sound of freedom

Have you ever felt like there was something inside fighting to break loose?

Brutal honesty. The audacity to believe there’s something more. The willingness to risk it all. Tiny victories fuels its hopes of escape.

It pounds at your chest. Races through your mind. Streams through tears. Sounds the S.O.S. by disrupting sleep and upsetting stomachs.

Something within is desperately screaming for freedom.

That’s me. Today. Yesterday. Probably tomorrow.

Longing to be unleashed, uncensored, uninhibited.  And, I’ll never be satisfied until it breaks through…

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Lord, who are you supposed to be?

Hi God,

It’s me, Kera. But, you already knew that, since you’re omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and what not…

This week I’m supposed to write about how my perceptions of you have changed over the years. And, I probably should include a reflective insight on the importance of listening to your voice because that was this week’s devotional topic.

And, maybe I was supposed to finish this last week. Along with three overdue papers, a laundry list of things for work, and my taxes. I’m supposed to do a lot of things.

Love you. Love people. Hate sin.  Feed the poor. Memorize scripture. Cast out demons… blah blah blah.  You know the list. You wrote it.

Sometimes I wonder how much of my life you’ve written.

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Blue Like Jazz

Later today, Blue Like Jazz premieres at SXSW!  I can’t wait to see what audiences think of the film adaptation of Donald Miller’s bestselling book. Since I am rather impatient, I’m incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to see an advance screening of the film last week.

Before I share my thoughts, can I confess something? I volunteered to help out at the film screening as a closet skeptic. I highly respect Donald Miller’s work, but can I be honest? How many decent Christian indie films have you seen? Have you ever seen one that you wanted to show to your non-Christian friends?

Thought so. [Or if I'm wrong, please share.]  Can I be a little more candid? This official trailer didn’t exactly raise my expectations or alleviate any of my concerns.

Surprise!  Unlike most movies, this one was much better than its trailer.  I was thoroughly impressed with Blue Like Jazz! It shatters the Christian indie movie stereotype. Though to be fair, I don’t think they ever intended to resonate with the Christian film industry’s stereotypical market.

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open-handed self-awareness

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Never has a truer statement been tweeted. Being ridiculously introspective, I know myself better than most. I can easily list my strengths and  my weaknesses – providing multiple examples to illustrate each point. I am obsessively self aware. I always have been.

While many people need a bit of probing to start examining their lives, I need a ton of discipline to step away from the self analysis for even a few minutes. This week’s leg of the 7th Year e-journey included plotting out what we thought of ourselves at various stages of our life. Since I mentally have a running tally of these things, it was relatively painless to jot down my perspectives on paper.

Yes, I am kinda strange like that, and I fully recognize that this shouldn’t be the norm. For most people, revisiting their perceptions of themselves will be a difficult, but oddly rewarding experience. For me, it’s an every day consideration. It’s just how my brain functions.

Wanted: actress to play complex character.

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when social justice starts trending

What do DeadMau5, Taylor Swift, MC Hammer, the Vans Warp tour, Louie Giglio and Christine Caine have in common? Yes, they are all on my iPod, but more importantly….

#KONY2012 #MakeKonyFamous #StopKony

They know what these hashtags represent. Do you? If you’ve yet to see the video that everyone’s talking about, pause and take the time to check it out for yourself.


It’s trending globally. People all over the world,  celebrities and fan girls alike, are demanding that the ICC’s most wanted war criminal be captured and brought to justice. Tens of thousands of children- kidnapped, murdered, mutilated,raped, and imprisoned as slaves to propagate violence…. how could you not lend your voice to their cry?

Recently, I asked our students to consider who they would rather see burn in hell than repent of their sins and embrace the hope of the Gospel. Can I confess that Joseph Kony is at the top of my list? To say that he has done horrible things is a grotesque understatement. No rational person could ever argue that the LRA has good intentions.

A generation united for a cause…

Since 2007, Invisible Children has fought for the freedom of children in Central Africa. Their passion is remarkable and contagious. They create beautiful films, effectively rally thousands of people, and have truly been a voice for the voiceless.

Their latest campaign has one objective: make Joseph Kony a household name in an effort to pressure the global community to fight for his capture. It’s a noble cause, and it’s certainly one that we can rally around.

As I watched my social media feeds last night, I’ll admit I started to cry. The sheer number of people spreading the word about this injustice is absolutely breathtaking. What would happen if we remained united over a single cause and relentlessly fought for freedom?

It’s an incredible image. And while I’ll continue to do my part to cry out for justice, I must admit that I am a little skeptical. Right now, Joseph Kony’s demise is trending…

But, trends are rarely sustainable.

screenshot of Webster's definition; annotation mine.

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